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Struggling With Making A Real, Sustainable Income Online?

The “Self-Publishing” Revolution Allows Anyone To Become A Paid Author,
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You Can “Anonymously” Publish 3, 5, 10+ Print Or Digital Books Online,

Sell Them Time & Time Again, And Make Massive Profits On Every Sale

Over 30,000 online book stores are waiting for you to finally let them pay you (watch this video to find out how):


This practice is called ‘ghost writing’ - when done correctly, it’s highly profitable.

You see …

Thanks to the power of outsourcing, you don’t have to be a stellar English writer, you don’t need Photoshop skills, and you don’t need any prior experience to make money online.

But there’s more …

Since there are multiple publishing platforms, Kindle is not going to be the only avenue for you to make money. In fact, there are THOUSANDS of platforms out there that let you make $ by selling your own books online.

Finally, you’ll be able to take advantage of them all and make the biggest profit possible in year 2017 and beyond.

Today, I’m going to show you a proven, 100% guaranteed way to earn a massive monthly income: publishing your own books, both in print and digital versions (you don’t need to have any inventory - more on that later).

However … like I said … just because you publish them, does not mean you have to write them.

Have you ever picked up a niche-specific book at a book store, or saw the perfect solution to your particular problem or interest in the, or online book store?

For example, “how to potty train your cat,” or “history of Tibet,” or “college exams anxiety relief.”

When you find exactly what you’re looking for, you feel a sense of gratitude towards the author. You assume that the author must be a true expert in the field, given that they clearly have THEIR OWN BOOK published!

But what if I told you, that …

… Some of those authors could be TOTAL BOZOS when it
comes to their so-called ‘area of expertise?’

Yep! It's true!

Dear Reader:

By tackling multiple 'niches' at once, you can quickly discover which highly-profitable opportunities are worth pursuing with future book publications (you'll discover how to maximize your profits on each book you create)

This can be done for REALLY CHEAP, while maintaining stellar quality (you just have to follow some simple steps to replicate this business model - you'll learn how to find highly educated online workers in foreign countries!)

How do they do it?

Outsource all the work

Flush-rinse-repeat what works

These alleged ‘authors’ are actually brilliant business people.

Their job isn’t to ‘sit there & write,’ their job is to find high demand that needs to be fulfilled, and then they pay for ‘built-to-order’ high-quality books.

By outsourcing the creation process, these clever action-takers are able to focus on what matters most: growing their business and doing more research into the next best niche to pursue.

April, May, June 2016:

Why don't they write their own books?

Not everyone speaks English well. Not every person can write well.

Long story short... writing content is stressful.

Besides, making money online doesn’t require you to be a proficient English speaker or a writer:
instead, it requires discipline and strategy.

Over $1,700 in royalties in just 3 months!

When combined together, discipline + strategy = results like these:

September 2015:

October 2015:

As you can see, being in the self-publishing business is highly profitable.

Bryan Biernat

Over $1,200 in royalties in just 2 months!

November 2015:

December 2015:

Over $1,300 in royalties in just 2 months!

Over $1,800 in royalties in just 3 months!

These results were generated by the creator of the ‘Self-Publishing Blueprint,’ author of 100+ Amazon bestsellers, Mr. Bryan Biernat (in picture on right).

Mr. Biernat created his signature ‘Self-Publishing Blueprint’ web app as a hallmark project, dedicated to helping aspiring online marketers make their mark on the world.

This results-driven web app gives you full step-by-step training on how to make steady profits in the rapidly expanding self-publishing business.

Finally, anyone can enter this business & make a solid ROI in as little as 2 months, even in the most obscure niches!

Here’s how this business works:

  • Generate recurring income flow within days of publishing!

  • Not a writer, not a problem! Outsource all of the work if you choose (you'll see exactly how this is done without risking wasting huge amounts of $$$)

  • Amazing short term return on investment (ROI) that is rare to impossible in traditional business!

  • Run your business from anywhere in the world from your very own home to a beach on Maui or an apartment in Paris!

  • Crystal clear instructions in seven simple steps!

  • No experience required - anyone can do this!

  • Perfect for aspiring authors and hungry entrepreneurs alike!

  • Marvelously huge income potential!

  • Complete control over the entire process!

  • Zero inventory cost!

  • Dominate both print and digital self-publishing!

January, February, March 2016:

Ready to build your own self-publishing empire, starting today?

Listen … Do you have a strong desire to leave a legacy behind? How would you like to make money doing something that will leave a positive mark on people’s lives?

If you want to create goodwill and profit in the process, the ‘Self-Publishing Blueprint’ may be the course you’ve been looking for all along. Scroll down below to get the full details …

NOTE: This is a real business and it will not build itself. You will be hard-pressed to become a millionaire overnight. This is NOT a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. While you WILL be able to make a lot happen ‘on complete autopilot’ you will need logical thinking & total dedication if you wish to succeed.

This business will require your full & undivided attention for approx. 1 hour per day. If you have 5+ hours per week to contribute to building a real, sustainable business with predictable monthly income, read on …

A risk-free 30-day offer is available below!

Start earning profits in as little as 60 days!

You will love it, guaranteed, or your money back

This Simple Self-Publishing Model Generates Thousands Per Year And A Substantial Recurring Monthly Income With NO Experience Necessary – How Is It Even Possible!?

98 books published

Vince M.

"I never thought I could write 1 whole book with so little effort. In 3 months, I did 11 books and earned my first profits in just 2.5 weeks."

Trevor H.

"Bryan's course thoroughly explains what this business is all about, and shows you a direct path to creating your own success story."

11 books published

It’s the best kept money-making
secret on the Internet – six-figure earner Bryan Biernat is here to break it down in seven simple steps:

‘Self-Publishing Blueprint’ is a seven-step web app that will guide you directly to success. You’re about to embark on a brand-new business opportunity promising a 100% ROI and a consistent, steady income of up to thousands of dollars per month from the comfort and safety of your very own home.

What's inside?

  • Module 1 - “First Thoughts”
  • Module 2 - “Getting Started”
  • Module 3 - “Building The Foundation”
  • Module 4 - “Creating The Book”
  • Module 5 - “Publishing & Maximizing Sales”
  • Module 6 - “Marketing”
  • Module 7 - “Final Thoughts”

From The Desk Of: Bryan Biernat

Hi. My name is Bryan. If you had told me three years ago that I’d be sharing my secret of how to transform your earnings and reinvent your life as a successful self-publishing entrepreneur, I probably would have laughed in your face. But that is exactly what happened to me.

Before I came across this life-changing business model, I was just like you. I wanted to increase the size of my bank balance 10x, but first, I wanted to find an easy and direct model to achieve this goal. What I didn’t realize was the simple trick to making my dream come true was hiding in plain sight.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a business model that can be completely outsourced, or an aspiring author looking for the chance to share your words and wisdom with the world (while maintaining strict control of your vision and making exclusive, vast profits on the work you toiled away writing without letting some greedy publisher or agent sticking his grubby little hands in your money pot) – then I suggest you KEEP READING before you let this unbelievable business opportunity pass you by.

I mention this to you because self-publishing has been a lucrative means of entrepreneurship for decades. But my easy-to-learn method can result in a profit increase worth up to thousands of dollars in cold, hard cash in your pocket within a matter of just a few months. All I’m doing is giving you the tools to make it happen: The power to become a successful, self-publishing entrepreneur is in YOUR hands.

But before I reveal my secret, I need to tell you a little story.

See, three years ago, I was a completely different person.

I was newly married, I’d just had a little girl, and I was grinding away in a pizzeria to make ends meet.

My living consisted of making pizzas all day, every day, literally working over 100 hours a week just to be able to support my family.

I would return home every night more exhausted than the night before.

I was far too tired to fully enjoy spending time with my wife and my daughter – and it was killing me.

All this time, I kept thinking, “There’s gotta be easier way to make a living.”

Click to enlarge newspaper story

I had plenty of business experience, but something was still missing...

I wanted to run a business where I could work anywhere because I wanted and make a steady living earning large amounts of money, giving me more time to enjoy life and raise my family – all on my own terms.

Who wouldn’t want to earn a living that way?

So whenever I had any free time in between making pizzas, I studied all the guru systems out there, searching tirelessly for a solid, sustainable business model allowing me to do something I was interested in that would rake in cold, hard cash without sacrificing all my time, energy, and effort.

Here's the discovery that changed my life forever ...

Once the light bulb went off in my head, I devoted my free time to learning all about online self-publishing. I found courses, downloaded software, and read all the books and articles I could find on the subject.

I spared no expense in developing and cultivating the perfect business model that I am presenting to 
you today.

My course will teach you (in just Seven Simple Steps) how to design a successful self-publishing business, with zero experience required, all from the comfort of your own home:

This was around the time when Kindle publishing was just starting to gather heat. And with that, the world of self-publishing was on fire. Suddenly, it became easier than ever before for aspiring authors of all kinds to publish their own works and make a living out of doing something they were passionate about.

After I developed my own self-publishing business with a super fast ROI and a large and consistent income, I was able to put up that pizza joint for sale within my first year of self-publishing.

Two years later … my self-publishing business became my full-time occupation.

I work from home every single day, and I always have plenty of time to stop and smell the roses. I enjoy quality time with my loving family, my life is a whole lot easier, and my bank account is a lot larger.

Seven Simple Steps is all it takes to get started today

Introducing: ‘Self-Publishing Blueprint’ - my exclusive membership course showing you how to start up a lucrative, profitable, sustainable self-publishing business starting today.

Get to experience the best self-publishing learning tool in just a matter of minutes from signing up to a risk free account!

My course is divided up into seven modules.

Within these Seven Simple Steps, I will take you through all the ‘ins and outs’ of the self-publishing industry, showing you a quick shortcut to guarantee an instant ROI and a regular income source, including what types of books are the most profitable, the most effective market research methods, and how to maximize the potential of your sales channels.

If you’re feeling skeptical right now, I don’t blame you. If I were in your shoes, I’d be wondering why this guy feels he’s qualified to tell me how to become a self-publishing entrepreneur.

Well, before you even think about signing up for my course, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

That’s right. Because you’ve gotten this far into my letter, I’ve decided to let you in on one of the topics we’ll be covering in the first of my Seven Simple Steps. Think of this as a personal gift.

One question people like you often ask me is this: “What is the income potential of your self-publishing model?”

It’s only fair you should be aware of the kind of income you may be raking in once you use my course to help you maximize the potential of your self-publishing home business:

So the more books you publish under your own brand, the more your monthly and yearly income will rise and rise…

But the best thing about this model is YOU control the income potential of your business. You meet your own quotas and you meet your own deadlines. So if you can see yourself making up to $150,966.00 a year just by sitting at your home computer, you have the option and the power to do so.

This is just one of the helpful tips you will receive once you start taking my course.

Here are the BIG results my method has produced:

Over $1,000 in 3 months with self-publishing!

Over $3,100 in 4 months with self-publishing!

And here are my own 2016 sales - over $10k in 8 months!

100% ROI guaranteed in just a few months

Still feeling uneasy?

I don’t blame you.

I know how you feel.

The internet is full of people who are looking to take advantage of good, honest, hard-working people like you. I’ve been there myself. But all I want to do for you is help bring the ease and comfort of the self-publishing industry to the self-starters looking to make a big, positive change in their lives with no risk to their credit or to their bank account.

That is why, if you follow my business model, you can achieve a 100% ROI in as little as two months.

Most start-up businesses take years before they can hope to see a 100% ROI, but if you follow this program, you can earn all your money back in less than a year. But you have to follow my model from A to Z to get it done.

See, one of the business strategies we will be covering is how to come up with a budget for when you’re just starting out and how to stick to it. You may be an author with big dreams of making the kind of cold, hard cash J.K. Rowling makes, but you may not have the budget or resources to do it.

But if you follow my outsourcing model, we can guarantee the first couple of books you publish will bring in a large enough income to help finance and fund the rest of the books you publish that year, ensuring a constant revenue stream into your bank account to help your self-publishing business grow beyond your wildest dreams. That is the true magic and potential of my course.

What Kind of Price Would You Put On
Guaranteeing a Better Life as a Self-
Publishing Entrepreneur With a Constant
Cash Flow of Up To Thousands of Dollars Per
Month Into Your Bank Account?

So what do you think is a fair price to learn all the easy-to-use tricks and secrets guaranteeing you a 100% ROI and a constant income source with total control of how you run your self-publishing business – ALL profits going straight to you and you alone?

Well, one of my major competitors offers a similar course at a one-time payment of $1,610.00. My accountants advised me to set a similar price for my course.

I can’t disagree with where their head is at. This course really is worth it.

But I’m not a vampire and I’m not interested in bleeding you dry. All I want to do is offer you the business model that transformed my life.

Because I believe in my seven-module course, I don’t want to charge you thousands of dollars right off the bat.

JUST $47

That is why I am offering this course at an ultra-low rate of $197

AND … I don’t want you to carry any of the risk, for full 30 days (read below).

Now, like I said, my accountant thinks I’m a little crazy for offering this course at such a low rate. That means this offer may not be available for very long.

There’s a lot of pressure coming my way to raise the price.

But I don’t want to do that yet.

So you must take action on this discount price deal RIGHT NOW, because in just a few hours, this limited-time offer might be off the table for good.

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Before you make a decision, let me ask you one question: “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Do you see yourself kicking back in your own home while you see a consistent increase of income into a self-publishing business you were able to get going in no time at all?

Wouldn’t you love to call yourself a lucrative entrepreneur with zero previous experience in your very own field?

Isn’t it time you started making a solid, honest, profitable living without having to endure the daily grind every day for the rest of your life?

NOTE: Only 1 hour per day of your time is required to complete the video modules, to review the action plans, and to execute the marketing plans. For extra help, additional how-to templates & step-by-step guides will be provided.

And if you’re unhappy with my course … Simply get your money back!

So the way I see it, you have two options.

Option #1: you do nothing. You go back to the job you’re already in and you keep busting your butt, hoping for some kind of miracle. You go your entire life wondering what could’ve happened if you took a chance and made your dream of lasting, enduring success a reality.

Option #2: you grab this proven, long-term opportunity by the horns, you dedicate your time & effort to making big money at your own pace with total control of your projects, and you give yourself the chance to grow your own business on your own terms at zero risk from the beginning.

So if you’re interested in learning my foolproof, easy-to-learn, seven-step model for cultivating a profitable self-publishing business, click the big yellow button right now, and put yourself on the road to earning the income and profits you deserve today.

Thank you for taking a brief moment of your time to read this letter. I look forward to hearing how my business model changed your life.



Q:     Will I get access to the ‘Self-Publishing Blueprint’ instantly?

A:    Yes. We use (BBC SYSTEMS INC) to facilitate instant delivery of this course to your 
computer, mobile or tablet.

Q:     Will the ‘Self-Publishing Blueprint’ work on my device?

A:    Yes. Our web-based course app works on desktops and laptops (both Mac and PC) as well as 
smartphones and tablet devices. If you have any issues accessing the contents, please contact 
our helpdesk.

Q:     Will people be able to buy my book on Amazon when I’m done with the course?

A:    Yes. And not just Amazon, but dozens of other online book retailers, as well! Learn how, inside.

Q:     Will you help me come up with a good topic, title & description for my book?

A:    Yes. You’ll discover how to do niche research in the book industry, how to format a good title and 
how to write a captivating, high-converting book description.

Q:     My English skills are very poor, but can I still profit with this web app?

A:    Yes. Our system will show you how to outsource everything. Even the product cover graphic 
creation! Literally everything is ‘hands-off’ for you, once you complete your initial research.

Q:     Will you provide me with customer support if I have any questions?

A:    Yes. All customers get access to my private 24-hour helpdesk. Please allow 1-2 business days for 
a thorough, thoughtful response. I check my helpdesk once a day and I spend quality time 
providing good help to all my students.

Q:     If I’m not happy, can I get my money back?

A:    Yes. Our ‘no-questions-asked’ refund policy covers you for full 30 days after your purchase. 
Taking action today is absolutely risk-free.

Q:     How quickly can I expect an ROI?

A:     You’ll generate 100% ROI in as little as 2 months. Some books sell better than others, so some 
titles may require up to 10 months to generate a ROI. Our promise to you is that you will learn 
how to strategically pick the best niches and how to write a book that SELLS. Due to the dynamic 
nature of the book market, we can’t promise an exact ROI. Our guarantee is that we will give you  the tools you need to succeed in your first year as a self-publishing author.

Q:     How much time will I need to spend to make money with the ‘Self-Publishing Blueprint?’

A:    You need to commit to approx. 1 hour per day for 30 days to start seeing results. You can 
expedite the process if you commit more hours per day to the completion of this course. NOTE: 
as per our ‘no-questions-asked’ refund policy, you do not need to provide proof of applying this 
course to claim your refund within 30 days of purchase.

Q:     What exactly will I get?

A:     You will get access to the ‘Self-Publishing Blueprint’ web app that contains 7 video modules, 
7 action plans and 7 marketing plans. Plus, as a free bonus, you’ll get dozens of my ‘private’ how-
to templates & step-by-step guides. This is a very simple and straight-forward course. Complete 
these materials at your own pace, in the comfort of your home or office.

Q:     How soon can I get started?

A:    You can get started today. Click the button below to proceed:

Self-Publishing Blueprint

PS: Don’t forget, you’re fully covered by my …

No-questions-asked, no-hassle 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

The ‘Self-Publishing Blueprint’ is my ‘flagship project’ and I’m extremely proud of what my students have accomplished after completing my seven simple steps. I’m absolutely certain that it can work for you. You can feel secure in your decision to say “Yes!” today because I stand behind this product 100 percent!

If, for any reason, you decide this product is not for you, you’re entitled to a prompt, courteous refund with no hassle and absolutely no run around…

Your purchase comes with ZERO RISK!